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My Cupid Carries No Quiver It's not the way you talk to me It's…

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My Cupid Carries No Quiver

It's not the way you talk to me
It's the way each word has an undertow
pulling me further into a sea of salty tears
that make no waves on the beach of my eyes

Words pour from you in audible flavors
the taste of your nonchalance is black coffee
but your attention is the purest sugar I know
I'm deafened as I roll it over my tongue

Locked in place my muscles strain to move
cramping all the way to my heart
and somewhere inside
I lay in my wooden bed
covered in a blanket of green
sleeping forever
with a chunk of stone as my pillow

If only you knew enough to just
take me and shake me to wake me
but I've been in this eternal nap for ages
the sell by date on hope expired years ago
it went out with all the rotten silver linings

So now I'll just stay in my place
and enjoy the occasional sweet bits of candy
before the bitterness washes over me again.

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On March 27th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Very Deep
I thought this had very deep thoughts and it was moving in words hard to describe but all in all very good writing.

A friend :)
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