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Dio's sinister grin perked once he could tell the saw was cutting into

the bone. He'd almost forgotten the screams of his victim until that

point. He stopped sawing at the man's fore-arm and he reached out

forcing the man's gaze to meet his own.

"Where is the meeting?" Dio's british-esque lilt.

The victim gritted his teeth, Dio could feel the muscles of the man's

jaw tense under his own hand.

"You really need to talk, it is in your best interests." He let the saw

slide a bit to remind the man of why that was. The scream that followed

perked him up a bit. The dark grin still there, "Please come out with

it." The jaw re-clenched itself. "This saw can go more directions than

down, you know." To emphasize his point he twisted the saw against the

man's flesh, it's teeth cutting new wounds deep under the flesh.

"Look, I don't have all day for this."

The man screamed again covering up Dio's statement.

"It's rude to talk over someone else you know. I said I... DON'T...

HAVE... ALL... DAY... FOR... THIS!" Each word punctuated by a short

pass of the saw.

"So?" his tone condescending through the wicked grin.

The man spit in his face. He reached up and slowly wiped the spit off

with his sleave. "You know, that's really not the answer I was looking

for." with that he twisted the saw again, relishing the scream as the

residue of spit dried on his face.

A stone on the bracelet on his wrist flashed. "Be quiet for a moment,

I've got to take this." Dio took a length of cloth and tied a gag over

the man's mouth. Then he removed the bracelet and set it evenly on the

table tapping the flashing stone.

Suddenly the bracelet projected the bust of a hooded figure. "Have you

obtained the information?"

"I'm working on it." He idly slid the saw eliciting another muffled


"Faster the better, please make haste."

"Believe me, I'll take care of it."

"You've got 36 hours."

"Oh, more than enough time."

The hooded figure nodded and the projection dissipated. Dio removed the

gag from his victim and gave him another grin. "Well, here we are

again. You know the time table I'm working with. But what you might not

know is that I'm a necromancer. So really, you have two options here,"

More pressure on the saw, "One, you tell me now and I don't have to

spend the time cleaning your bones of flesh. Two, I spend the next

couple of hours pealing away muscle in such a way as to avoid you

dieing of bloodloss too soon."

Dio looked at the man expectantly, "So... what will it be then? One...

or two." A slight twist of the saw on the last word.

The man, ragged from the various cuts and bruises on his body, as well

as the pain from his almost severed arm showing on his face, turned to

Dio. He seemed to be searching his eyes to see if he would really do

it. The dark gleam and glare from Dio's eyes giving an answer he

dreaded. If Dio really was a Necromancer it would only takes hours

after his death for him to compel the answer from his body. If he

wasn't he was still sick enough to spend all that time cutting away at

his body.

"Fine, fine..." the man's voice was incredibly soft "He's meeting up

with them at the Traveler's Temple." Dio looked at the bracelet on his

wrist, a small green gem twinkled.

"Ah, he's not lying. Well, I guess it's time to end all this then."

The man's eyes darted to Dio's full height as he towered over the

beaten and broken man. Dio slowly pulled his Katana from it's sheath.

"This will be quick." Dio's sword flashed, removing the front legs of

the chair, bringing the man to his knees with his head leaned forward.

Dio swirled his powers of illusion in front of the man's eyes,

providing him with a view of one of the most beautiful vistas that

could ever be imagined. "Good bye." Dio's sword came down hard and

fast, cutting the air with the same gentle sound as the man's last

* * *

My Cupid Carries No Quiver

It's not the way you talk to me
It's the way each word has an undertow
pulling me further into a sea of salty tears
that make no waves on the beach of my eyes

Words pour from you in audible flavors
the taste of your nonchalance is black coffee
but your attention is the purest sugar I know
I'm deafened as I roll it over my tongue

Locked in place my muscles strain to move
cramping all the way to my heart
and somewhere inside
I lay in my wooden bed
covered in a blanket of green
sleeping forever
with a chunk of stone as my pillow

If only you knew enough to just
take me and shake me to wake me
but I've been in this eternal nap for ages
the sell by date on hope expired years ago
it went out with all the rotten silver linings

So now I'll just stay in my place
and enjoy the occasional sweet bits of candy
before the bitterness washes over me again.

* * *
I ache for words long forgotten
a pain made of pleasant memories
My mind bends time and I find I'm behind the line
ready to cross it again to be in your moment
A place where you exist beside me, where hopes and dreams could still become truth

Then the truth is real, hopes and dreams false
No chance to fill in the blank, not even multiple choice,
an essay far out of reach

If only I could have passed.

* * *